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Photo Cake

Cakes represent happiness and tenderness. Whether the occasion is great or little, it is incomplete without a cake. And, if that is a photo cake, your gesture of devotion will be even more exquisite and meaningful. And that’s why, to add additional excitement to the day, Karamelbite offers an enticing selection of customized photo cakes to choose from so that you have no grounds to enjoy a day. The most significant part about photo cakes is that you can personalize them. You can experiment with different sizes, flavors, patterns, and designs.

If you want to commemorate your big day distinctively, choose a popular photo cake design. This concept has blown up social platforms and has now been used in celebrations worldwide. Customized images of you, your favourite personalities or idols, and your loved ones are generally used to embellish the cake. This cake is not affected in any form. Instead, eatable paint is used to add visual images. There are numerous methods to incorporate these motifs into a cake. If you don’t desire to incorporate a picture, write phrases or expressions on the cake.

It might be an excellent method to exhibit all of the joys you’ve experienced throughout your relationship. These online photo cakes have become increasingly popular as they enable individuals to convey their thoughts and feelings through cakes. Another alternative is to make a collage-style cake. You can customize cakes by arranging a picture collage on a traditional cake or crafting a unique cake that resembles a picture. Take a look at our selection below —

1. Cake with Photo Graphic Designing

A cake featuring a printing picture of your favourite artist could be extraordinary and delectable. These cakes will undoubtedly reinstate joyful memories of the individual for whom the cake is intended. You could amaze your dear ones by presenting them with their preferred supermodel printed photo cake design. This cake design can be customized in a variety of patterns and flavors, so pick the finest one for your celebration.

2. Square Photo Cake

Square photo cakes are yet another option for displaying a photograph on a cake.  These are available in a multitude of sizes and forms. Some of these are created with fondant, whereas some are crafted using frosting. You could also acquire a fondant-covered cake and slice it into squares. However, purchasing a bespoke square-shaped photo cake that represents your finest moments is preferable. It also works as a cute birthday photo cake design.

3. Anniversary photo cake

An anniversary is a celebration of two folk’s love and dedication to one other. It is critical to think about and commemorate this momentous occasion. Bringing them photo cake for anniversary is one of the best options to accomplish this. Assess that the theme complements the couple’s personalities and way of life. If you have a compassionate personality and enjoy pink, you might get a heart-shaped cake with a soft pink tint and heart fondants.

4. Photo roll cakes

Weddings and other significant celebrations benefit greatly from photo roll cakes. These cakes are typically shaped to resemble wrapped sheets of paper. A picture is printed on the cake itself. To decorate the cake, fondant or buttercream is used. Any flavor or form of designer cake  can be obtained.

Photo cake

5. Avengers photo cake design

A photo cake design for a Marvel-themed party will impress everyone. The cake will incorporate photos of all of the Disney superheroes. You can design a cake based on any of those characters. When it comes to ordering a photo cake design, you have many options.

You can select from a range of photo cakes.

Happy Birthday photo cakes, heart-shaped, valentine, designer, eggless cakes, and more are accessible online. You may also order a photo cake from Karamelbite and deliver it directly to your doorstep. Aside from photo cakes, Karamelbite has released a new collection of piñata and pull-me-up cakes. For such special celebrations, you can also get piñata cakes online.

Karamelbite has the most delicate cakes in Delhi for any occasion, whether it’s a New Year’s Eve celebration, a birthday, an anniversary, a baby shower, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day , Christmas, or any other. Also, the most essential and additional bonus of photo cake ordering online is that you may offer your heartiest congratulations and affection in the way of delectable cakes even though you are unable to meet that person.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your photo cake order straight away from Karamelbite and have it sent to the doorstep of your loved one.