Only Eggless cakes
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Our Process


Smooth Bite

Dwell yourself into the rich and smooth cream of our cakes, giving each bite a soft and heavenly feeling in your mouth.


Stylish Design

Our cakes have a unique and stylish design that makes you crave it for every bite. Satisfy your taste buds and fix your mood swings with a creamy texture.

Our Great Story

We have a team of the finest and passionate bakers trying to create something innovative and delicious always. We have cakes and other delicacies for every occasion or to make you feel jolly. Be it a piñata cake or pull me up, be it a photo cake or a simple and rich frosting one, we prepare each one with great effort and happiness. Our product's taste is a reflection of the steps our team takes for you.


Working Hours

We have fixed working hours for a smoother workflow. This, in turn, helps our team to get adequate rest and thus be productive at their work.


Awesome Projects

We are time and again booked for weddings, birthdays, parties, and lots more and rated best in our client testimonials.


New Recipes

We keep on experimenting with flavors, thus bringing out newer flowers for you now and then.


Best Clients

No matter how the person is, we always respect all our clients and prepare the best for them.

Our bakery has several items be it macaroons or marshmallows, cookies or pies, dry cakes or the creamy ones, loaves or croissants, biscuits, or chocolate bombs you can get them all.

All are prepared fresh with the finest quality ingredients, traditional and natural methods without using any preservatives, and healthier oil is used. This ensures that our products are not just beneficial for your taste buds but also for your health. Our team takes care to provide you with the best of taste and feel in each bite and every delicacy.

To fulfil your small cravings, a piece of pastry is all that you need. Our pastries are dressed as the best with a pinch of butter, a dash of sugar, rich, creamy texture, some frosting, and icing. So, relish it’s each bite and enjoy the delight that our pastries offer. Be it the one with lots of fruits or those dressed up with chocolate, or that elegant one dressed in pink frosting, and our team makes sure that you enjoy them all. So, why wait, don’t let your taste buds hate you visit us now!

All our recipes are unique. We don’t wish to compromise the quality of 
ingredients that we use. We prepare using the healthiest methods and practice 
sustainable cooking to avoid wastage. Still, presenting fresh bakes always. We 
try our recipes with different combinations of ingredients to bring out to you 
with different flavors. Some recipes are sweet, some with a dash of sour, but all 
with the perfect fusion that you will never regret trying any of our delicacies. 
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