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10 Cute and Creative Baby Shower Cake Designs & Ideas

baby shower cake design

10 Cute and Creative Baby Shower Cake Designs & Ideas

Baby showers are a time of pure joy and celebration. It is a time when a couple shares the news with their family and friends and gets ready for the arrival of their new baby. In preparation for the big day, soon ‘parents-to-be’ are often left searching for cake designs to match their nursery décor and the occasion itself. Whether you are looking for something elegant and sophisticated, something bright and colorful, or a mix of the two, below are ten cute baby shower cake designs that will impress your guests!

1. Baby Shoes Cake

This is a great baby shower cake idea that can be made in any shape or size. It is a creative cake design with a fondant shoe on top. The shoe’s shape can be made in a variety of colors to match your baby shower décor. This can be decorated with various baby shoe details like a ribbon bow, baby shoe laces, and even a bow on the back of the shoes. To make the shoes even more realistic, you can also make a fondant baby shoebox to place inside the shoes.

2. Cloud and Star cake

If you want a cute baby shower cake design that is elegant and simple, look no further than this one. The cloud and star cake features a bright blue cake with white cloud-like frosting and a sprinkling of blue and white confetti. The cake is decorated with blue and white star candies and blue sugar crystals. The star-shaped candies are placed on the cake, and the confetti is placed in the middle.

rainbow cake3. Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is sure to be a hit at your baby shower. With its vibrant colors and playful design, it will be the talk of the party. This cake design features a rainbow of colors with yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple in the mix. It is topped with a baby shower cake topper that looks like a baby’s face.

4. Floral cake with a baby in a basket

This cake is a natural beauty. It is unique and has a vintage feel to it. The baby is placed in a basket with a white satin ribbon tied around the handle. The cake is decorated with fresh flowers and baby’s breath. It is a great cake for a baby shower as it is sure to be a hit.

5. Bunny Cake

Bunnies are one of the cutest and most popular baby shower cake designs. It is also a great idea to have this adorable cake at a baby shower-themed party. You can get a simple white cake with white frosting and sprinkle some white icing flowers. Add some cute decorations like pink bunny cupcake toppers or pink icing.

6. Teddy Bear Cake

A baby shower cake design that will delight your guests is a teddy bear cake. The adorable cake is a mix of chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream frosting. The cake is then covered in fondant and decorated with a teddy bear face. The face is then accented with sprinkles and a ribbon bow. In contrast to the soft, pastel colors of the cake, the teddy bear’s face is brightly colored. This will make your guests smile as they see the cake and remember the baby shower day.

Baby shower cake 7. Unicorn Cake

The unicorn cake is a classic cake design perfect for a baby shower or a birthday. The cake is a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and a sprinkling of pink food coloring. The cake is then covered in fondant and decorated with a white fondant unicorn head and a pink horn. It is an exciting cake design that is not unique but also fun. You can make a cake that looks like a rainbow with a unicorn or a castle with a unicorn. Unicorn cake designs come in a number of different forms.

8. Sweet Giraffes Cake Design

The giraffe cake design is a fun and creative cake for the occasion of a baby shower. It features a sweet giraffe cake topper with a massive smile and the baby’s name written on its head. This cake is a perfect match for the baby shower theme of ‘animal prints.’ This cake design will impress the guests at your baby shower.

9. Sleeping Baby in the Clouds

This cake design features a cute sleeping baby with cloud background. It is a very creative design that will make a sweet impression on your guests. Soon-to-be parents will love the idea of their baby being in the clouds as they await the arrival of their little one. The baby is shown sleeping in a cute dress with a bow on top. The cake is covered in fondant and decorated with a baby face cutout.

10. Jungle theme cake

Jungle-themed cake is an exciting and unique design. It is not a typical cake design, as it features a jungle theme, and it is usually associated with nature and animals. This is perfect for a jungle-themed baby shower. It is a great way to add a bit of fun and excitement to your baby shower.


Baby shower cakes are lovely way to commemorate your new baby’s impending arrival. It is a special occasion, and you want to make it memorable for you and your guests as well. There are numerous baby shower cake designs to pick from, and these are a selection of the more popular ones for baby showers. The best part is that you can easily customize them to fit your baby shower theme. If you still have any doubts, you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.